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How To Pay

Bank Payment

1122 6910 5848

- Please email us your transfer slip proof (either you made the payment through online banking or ATM cash deposit). Delivery will only be send once we received your payment proof.

There are 2 ways of payment method
A : Online Banking


 1.  Click CIMB web
2. Login username & password

3. Click transfer

4. Click transfer funds

5. Click to other CIMB (from CIMB to CIMB)

6. Fill in transaction details

7. Click request code TAC

8. You will get TAC code via mobile. Then, enter code TAC to required blank & click submit.

9. Your transaction is SUCCESSFUL once your transaction is done, as stated on the screen after you click submit button. If your transaction is not successful, it will state NOT SUCCESFUL on the screen.

A : Online Banking



B : ATM Cash Deposit

1. Kindly, please key in our account number to the
account number tab at ATM cash deposit.
2. Make sure that our account name & account number appear on the screen before you insert your purchase amount of money.
Reminder : We will not be responsible for wrong key in data.
3. Insert your purchase amount of money into the ATM cash deposit.
4. Click yes to confirm your transaction.
5. You will receive a transfer slip after the submission. Please check your transfer slip if the transaction made is successful .